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Marine Salt delivers salts you need

Our Activities


Marine Salt provides a wide range of bulk sea salt for different uses : de-icing, industry, fishing. A major actor playing a key role on the bulk, humid salt market, Marine salt develops it’s activities in more than forty countries.

A long standing experience combined with a real industry know-how, guarantee the highest salt quality to every client. An adapted solution can be offered to each demand thanks to four production sites in the Mediterranean.

Subsidiary of the Salins Group, Marine Salt operates since 1919, and is one of the bulk, humid salt market leaders.

We can deal with :



A large range of bulk sea salt is offered which satisfies all chemical and physical requirements for food and non-food products.


Fishering industries:

Marine Salt is one of the main European bulk, humid sea salt suppliers for fishing industries.


De-icing industries:

Humid sea salt dedicated to de-icing is essentially harvested on our Spanish and Tunisian sites.

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